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Continuous stock

Target audience

  • Supplier organizations.


  • Enables current trade-item availability one or more warehouses of direct sales supply based on continuous stock for customer organizations.


Continuous stock:

  • Is dominant with plant growers;
  • Is used with weekly supply or customer offers with availability type unlimited;
  • Applies to the current (actual) availability. 'True' is available, 'False' is unavailable;
  • Availability is by default applicable to one warehouse and all customer organizations. Customers organizations can be included or excluded with an update;
  • Warehouses can be added for a trade-item with an update;
  • If used by direct sales supply the given available 'number of pieces' is Indicative maximum total order quantity and no order quantity validation is done by Floriday.

Implementation model


Interaction model



  • Sales channel FX also uses supply based on continuous stock.