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Additional services

Supported scenarios

  • Get Additional services.

For the business rules concerning additional services, please read Additional services.

Get Additional services

Get the information of the additional services of the warehouse(s) which the supplier organization is authorized to use.


  • The user has inserted one or more warehouse(s) in the Floriday application;
  • The user has inserted one or more additional service(s) in the Floriday application.

Process steps:

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Get commercial service types.GetCommercialServiceTypes
2The retrieved commercial service types will be added or updated in the supplier application.
3AGet highest max sequencenumber found in additional services.GetAdditionalServicesMaxSequence
3ASync additional servicesGetAdditionalServiceBySequenceNumber
3BGet additional services.GetAdditionalServices
3CGet additional service by ID.GetAdditionalServiceById
2The retrieved additional services with additional servicedetails will be added or updated in the supplier application with a reference to the warehouse(s).