Additional services

Target audience

  • Customer organizations;
  • Supplier organizations;
  • Supplier warehouse organizations.


  • Enables use of additional services in all Floriday domains;


Additional services:

  • Contain optional additional services e.g. labeling, sleeves or specific treatments with specific prices related to specified dispatch warehouses who fulfill the additional service;
  • Apply to one or more dispatch warehouses;
  • Apply to non specified customers (general/default) or are customer specific (one or more customers);
  • Are made available to the customers as an option in direct sales;
  • Are used in the purchase order, blanket order or sales order by selecting the AddionalService. One or more additional services can be selected;
  • Are specified by the supplier organization in his catalog;
  • Apply to direct sales;
  • Are related in customer contract-lines or supply-lines by warehouse ID;
  • Contain additional service name, description, price per piece, regular/customer specific and which supplier warehouse(s) support this service. Details can vary depending on service type;
  • Of service type "sticker" contain additional information: label meta data with width and height in mm, sticker type (UNKNOWN, POT, PACKAGE, SLEEVE, PRODUCT, LAYER, LOAD_CARRIER, DOCUMENT).


Customer stickers and additional services

Many customer organizations require support of customer stickers (provided by customers) by the suppliers, therefore it is required to support this feature in the Supplier ERP for Customer Delivery in conjunction with additional services.

Implementation model


Interaction model