Target audience

  • Supplier organizations;
  • Supplier warehouse organizations.


  • Enable stock management in a warehouse and movement of trade items goods to a warehouse or customer location.



  • Can be created by Supplier organizations;
  • Batch quantity can be corrected by Supplier organization;
  • Batch quantity can be corrected after goods inspection by an external warehouse organizations if the batch is in their warehouse;
  • Can be on one warehouse location at one time;
  • Applicable with supply availability for direct sales, goods movement, customer delivery and auction delivery.
  • Contain a batch date, batch id, trade item Id, number of pieces, selected packing configuration (which needs to exist in the trade item), warehouseId. In addition a custom reference (servicecode) can optionally be provided;
  • Images can technically be added to a batch, but Sales channels and Floriday currently do not support batch images.
  • For Supplier ERP batch events can be received by webhooks.

Implementation model


Interaction model