Direct sales Customer Offer

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  • Enables creating, updating and deleting customer offers by Supplier organizations;
  • Enables getting customer offer supply-lines for placing purchase orders or sales orders by Customer organizations.


For Business Rules and differences between different supply types please refer to Supply overview.

Customer offers:

  • Are primarily intended for offers based on an supply request from the customer (with an agreement reference)
  • Can also be used for offers to customers without offer requests (without an agreement reference).
  • Only Customer offers can be used for creating 'purchase tips'.
  • There is currently no versioning for updated customer offers.
  • Only customer specific.
    Prices and availability may be changed.
    Limited: Quantity is maximum available quantity for the given period.
    Limited: On this quantity the ordered sales order quantity can never be more than the available quantity.
    Can be based on an offer request with an agreement reference. If this is case, the agreement reference should be in the Customer offer.


Purchase tip

Suppliers can create a short term customer offer which the Floriday channel will translate to a 'purchase tip' for customers with a customer notification.
Business Rules (which can dynamically change):

  • Maximum tradeperiod: 3 hours
  • Maximum customers: 1
  • Customer channels: Floriday

A regular customer offer will be send to the customers in the channels FloraXchange and Floriday if the customer offer does not meet the purchase offer business rules.


Checking direct sales supply in Floriday 'Supply Overview'

Users and developers can check created, updated and deleted direct sales supply in the Floriday application.


Checking direct sales supply in Floriday 'My Shop'

Users and developers can check direct sales supply in the Floriday application in 'My Shop' as it will be shown to the customers.

Implementation model

Interaction model

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