Clock pre sales Supply

Target audience

  • Supplier organizations;
  • Currently supply cannot be retrieved by customer organizations.


  • Enables getting clock pre sales supply lines by Supplier organizations.


For Business Rules and differences between different supply types please refer to Supply overview.

Clock pre sales supply:

  • Is primarily intended for placing orders by customer organizations on clock pre sales supply in the auction sales channels. For the supplier organization implementation it is currently intended as a check after allocating clock pre sales supply and as a basis for processing clock pre sales sales orders.
  • Specifies the current supply for clock sales of the auction sales channels by the supplier organization.
  • Contains: supplyLinedId, availability status, tradItemId, batchId, price per piece, numberOfPieces, trade period, one package configuration (pieces per package, VBN package code, load carrier type). In addition a delivery note code, additional package configuration details (custom package Id, packages per layer, layers per load carrier), delivery note reference (DeliveryNoteCode + letter of the original clock delivery), trade-instrument and sales channel can be added if available.
  • Can be modified or deleted by the the supplier organization or the auction sales channel organization before scanning of inbound auction fulfillment orders by auction warehouses.
  • Currently clock pre sales supply is allocated by initiating an auction fulfillment order with clock pre sales prices or auction fulfillment order with pre determined clock pre sales prices settings in the Floriday application.
  • Clock pre sales supply is always based on clock sales supply.
  • Clock (pre) sales supply is based on batches.
  • Only Customer organizations can place orders on clock pre sales supply in the auction sales channels.
  • Clock pre sales is supported by RFH (FloraMondo), VRM and Plantion auction sales channels.
  • The auction sales channel rules are applicable for clock pre sales supply and differ for each auction sales channel, in general:
    • A pre determined clock pre sales maximum order window, non overlapping with (maximum) clock sales bid window.
    • A pre determined maximum clock pre sales allocation quantity based on the clock sales supply batch quantity.
    • Supplier organizations set prices and quantities based of the clock pre sales supply.
    • Supply is available for all auction sales channel customers. (not customer specific)
    • After the expiration of the clock pre sales order window, non sold clock pre sales supply will allocated as clock sales supply.
    • Pre determined pricing and quantities settings can be entered by suppliers in the Floriday application, which are applicable for clock pre sales supply.
  • Currently Clock pre sales supply cannot be retrieved via the Customer API.
  • Currently Clock pre sales orders cannot be placed via the Customer API.
  • Currently fulfillment orders of auction delivery orders initiate allocation of clock (pre) sales supply. Given this situation certain commercial information is used in the delivery order:
    • Clock pre sales price
    • Clock minimum price
    • Remarks for auction managers
    • Auction date


RFH digital auction

  • With the new RFH digital auction new possibilities with necessary workflows will be supported for Suppliers and Customers. These will be tested with Floriday early access users in the Floriday application and the RFH digital auction users. If successful they will be made available in the ERP API.
  • The following workflows are expected / tested (not complete):
    • "From farm clock sales": batches => clock sales supply => auction => sales orders => customer delivery from farm
    • "External stock support clock (pre) sales": batches => external stock delivery(auction warehouse capability) => clock (pre) sales supply => clock pre sales orders => customer delivery => auction => clock sales orders => customer delivery

Implementation model


Interaction model