Delivery conditions

Target audience

  • Customer organizations;
  • Supplier organizations;
  • Supplier warehouse organizations.


  • Enables use of delivery conditions in all Floriday domains.


Delivery conditions:

  • Specify conditions for delivery of goods from specified dispatch warehouses to customer locations in specified delivery regions based on Incoterms;
  • Apply to one or more dispatch warehouses;
  • Apply to non specified customers (general/default) or are customer specific (one or more customers);
  • Are specified by warehouse organizations usually suppliers and external warehouse organizations for their warehouses;
  • Currently apply to direct sales only;
  • Are related in customer contract-lines or supply-lines by warehouse ID;
  • Are used in the purchase order, blanket order or sales order by selecting the DeliveryCondition with a specific order time frame. By selecting a specific time frame extra costs can apply with for example night deliveries. With a purchase order a DeliveryConditionSet is selected.

  • Shipping costs is optional and only applies if in a supply-line shipment costs are not marked as included service: "Delivery". Shipping costs are charged in the sales order price per piece as this is the currently the only way possible for processing by financial service providers;
  • Delivery surcharge is optional and only applies under a treshold amount.

Delivery Condition setDelivery Conditions.
One or more warehouses
Customer orgazations
Delivery ConditionOne or more deliveryRegions with a GLN location code and name.
Incoterm (DDP, EXW, DAP, FCA, FOB).
Minimum delivery quantity. Supplier can decide not to delivery if the minimum delivery quantity is not reached.
Shipping costs (optional).
Delivery surcharge (optional).
Delivery Condition times.
Delivery Condition timesOrder weekdays to which this set applies.
Order time frames.
Order Time FramesLatest order time.
Latest delivery time.
An offset in days between the order day and the delivery day.
Additional price for the time frame.

Implementation model


Interaction model