Place Sales orders on trade items

Target audience

Supplier organizations


  • Enable placing sales orders by supplier organisationss based on trade items and creating direct sales sales orders.



Use the application

Please use the Floriday application for customer delivery and sales orders for supplier organizations and purchase directly and purchase orders for customer organizations for a better understanding of the workflow and functions.

Place Sales orders on trade items by Suppliers:

  • Enable placing sales order requests by supplier organisations based on trade items on a warehouse;
  • Can only be placed by supplier organizations;
  • Can be placed on trade items;
  • Can not be cancelled by customer organizations;
  • Can be corrected by a sales order correction requests by customer and supplier organizations;
  • Contains the same sales orders (request) details on supply-lines with exemption of:
    • Trade item id instead of supply-line Id;
    • Despatch warehouse id;
  • If automatic acceptance of sales order placed by supplier organizations in customer organization trade settings is implemented, Floriday will default start with current business rules and enable Customer organizations to set automated acceptance of Supplier order entry with exemptions for their counterparties;
  • Are automatically committed, or rejected by Floriday based on sales order validations. Including if the customer organizations accepts order entry by customer organizations;
  • If accepted Sales orders are added with the status 'accepted';
  • If rejected Sales orders are rejected with the status 'rejected'.

Implementation model


Interaction model