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Advanced shipping notices

Supported Advanced shipping Notices scenarios

  • Receiving Advanced shipping notices;
  • Confirming fulfillment order as received.

For the business rules concerning Advanced Shipping Notices, please read Advanced Shipping Notice.

Receiving Advanced shipping notices

Receiving advanced shipping notices from deliveries created by suppliers on Floriday.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Returns list of all active Advanced shipping notices by delivery date.GetAdvanceShippingNoticesByDeliveryDate
2Returns list of all active Advanced shipping notices by salesOrderId.GetAdvanceShippingNoticesBySalesOrderId
3Returns the maximum sequence number found in Advanced shipping notices.GetAdvanceShippingNoticesMaxSequence
4Returns a list of max 1000 Advanced shipping notices starting from a specified sequence number.GetAdvanceShippingNoticesBySequenceNumber

Confirming fulfillment order as received.

Confirming a fulfillment order by setting it on Received.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Sets the fulfillment order load carriers on Received based on the documentReference.SetFulfillmentOrderLoadCarriersReceived