Trade item request

Target audience

  • Customer organizations
  • Supplier organizations


  • Enables a customer requested supplier trade-item based on customer specifications;


Trade item request:

  • Specifies a request for a trade item by the customer organization to a supplier organization;
  • Contains a supplier organization, VBN productcode, selected packing configuration, VBN characteristics (at least mandatory characteristics by VBN regulation) and expiration date time. In addition remarks can be added for the supplier organization;
  • Can only be accepted or rejected by the supplier organization within the expiration date time specified by the customer organization;
  • If a trade-item request is to be accepted, a new trade-item is created by the supplier ERP with the requested specifications or an existing trade item is updated to match the requested specifications;
  • Acceptance contains the tradeitemId of the newly created trade-item, with which the new trade-item can be received;
  • If accepted, the customer organization can see the acceptance;
  • If rejected, the customer organization can see the rejection;
  • Can contain the following status:
    • PENDING: Trade item request is pending approval by the supplier organization;
    • ACCEPTED: Trade item request is accepted by the supplier organization;
    • REJECTED: Trade item request is rejected by the supplier organization;
    • UNKNOWN: Fallback status for unexpected events.

Implementation model


Interaction model