Trade item availabilities

Target audience

  • Supplier organizations.


  • Configuring and checking the availability of trade items used in Catalog prices and Customer offers with availability type "unlimited".


Trade item availabilities:

  • Is dominant with plant growers;
  • Is used with weekly supply or customer offers with availability type "unlimited";
  • Applies to the current (actual) availability. 'True' is available, 'False' is unavailable;
  • Availability of a trade item is by default applicable to a single warehouse and all customer organizations.
    • Customers organizations can be included or excluded with an update;
    • The warehouse can be changed with an update;
  • When used for direct sales supply, the given available 'number of pieces' is an indicative maximum total order quantity. Even though no order quantity validation is done by Floriday, customers should take this indication into account.

Implementation model

Interaction model