Advanced Shipping Notice

Target audience

  • Customer organizations


An ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) shows the delivery information as created by the supplier based on a delivery moment and the shipped SalesOrders. The ASN contains information about the shipped loadCarriers with the contained items and a reference to the SalesOrder, the delivery location and status.


  • Advanced Shipping Notice, or ASN for short, is always based on sales orders and fulfilment orders known in Floriday;
  • Can be used to replace the older Edifact DESADV message;
  • ASN contains logistic information about the fulfillment orders from suppliers, such as:
    • fulfillmentOrderId;
    • expectedDeliveryDateTime;
    • deliveryLocation;
    • despatchLocation;
    • createdDateTime;
    • load carrier information;
    • documentReference;
  • ASN contains information about which sales order is placed on which load carrier;
  • The salesOrderId in the ASN replaces the less reliable customerOrderReference in the DESADV;
  • By using the salesOrderId, a customer can retreive financial information regarding the fulfillment order from Floriday as well;
  • An ASN can be used in the warehouse for declaring incoming loadCarriers.

Interaction model