How organizations are defined and used on Floriday

Target audience

  • Customer organizations;
  • Supplier organizations;
  • Supplier warehouse organizations.


  • Enables use of organizations in all Floriday domains.

Brief overview

  • The registration of a company on the Floriday platform is done with the entity Organization;
  • An organization has a type, e.g. supplier, customer, service provider;
  • Specific data can be requested or certain functions apply depending on the type of the organization.


  • Floriday uses company details registered within Floriday, Floricode and Royal FloraHolland;
  • Floriday uses Floriday organization IDs for identification of companies and company services (e.g. Auction service, warehouse service);
  • For purposes of Floricode and GS1 compatibility a GLN company ID is added with the organization details;
  • A GS1 company ID enables parties to communicate with the existing Floricode and GS1 standards;
  • Organization details are provided for trade purposes only and may not be used outside the platform (for promotional purposes).

Implementation model

Interaction model

1+2 RFH / VRM / Plantion and other companies register supplier, customer and other ('agent') organizations with their RFH/VRM Relation Id and or Plantion Relation Id at Floricode. Floricode adds a GLN company code or updates a updates company details.
3+4 Floricode distributes these organizations to Floriday, Supplier, Customer and other organizations. Floriday adds an organizationID or updates company details.
5+6 Suppliers and Customers register with Floriday and can add additional organization details (e.g. website) in Floriday.
7+8 Floriday distributes organization details to Suppliers, Customers, Service providers and Sales channels.