Customer stickers

Supported stickers scenarios

  • Receiving stickers
  • Creating stickers
  • Deleting stickers

For the business rules concerning stickers, please read Customer stickers.

Receiving stickers

Receive stickers from Floriday.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Returns sticker with a delivery date time in the given time frame for the specified supplier.GetStickers
2Returns the sticker by ID as PDF file.GetStickerAsPdfById
3Returns sticker for the specified sales order.GetStickersBySalesOrderId
4Returns the maximum sequence number found in stickers.GetStickersMaxSequence
5Returns a list of max 1000 connections starting from a specified sequence number.GetStickersBySequenceNumber

Creating stickers

Adding customer stickers to Floriday for supplier.


  • Quantity must equal the number of pages in the PDF or the number of times you want the page duplicated in case of UploadLayout.SINGLE.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Creates a new sticker.AddSticker
2Creates a new sticker for a specific source.AddStickerFromSource

Deleting stickers

Deleting sticker information from Floriday.


  • StickerID has to be known in Floriday.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Sets the sticker as deleted and deletes the PDF document from the server by StickerId.DeleteStickers