Customer stickers

Supported stickers scenarios

  • Receiving stickers
  • Creating stickers
  • Deleting stickers

For the business rules concerning stickers, please read Stickers via Floriday.

Receiving customer stickers

Receive stickers from Floriday.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Returns the sticker by ID as PDF file.GetCustomerStickerAsPdfById
2Returns the maximum sequence number found in stickers.GetCustomerStickersMaxSequence
3Returns a list of max 1000 connections starting from a specified sequence number.GetStickersBySequenceNumber

Adding customer stickers

Adding customer stickers to Floriday for supplier.


  • NEW: A customer sticker object linked to an additionalServiceId is required to add customer stickers, see Stickers via Floriday;
  • Quantity must equal the number of pages in the PDF or the number of times you want the page duplicated in case of UploadLayout.SINGLE.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Creates a new sticker.AddCustomerStickerInformation

Deleting stickers

Deleting customer sticker, customer sticker information and additional service linked to sales order and customer sticker object from Floriday.


  • StickerID has to be known in Floriday.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Sets the sticker as deleted and deletes the PDF document from the server by StickerId.DeleteAdditionalStickerService