Target audience

  • Customer organizations;
  • Supplier organizations;
  • Supplier warehouse organizations.


  • Enables use of warehouses in all Floriday domains.


A warehouse:

  • Is a location for stock keeping batches;
  • Can be owned by suppliers, and other warehouse organizations (e.g. import agents, auctions, exporters);
  • Has a warehouse ID;
  • Has a name;
  • Can have a location-specific servicetype:
    • external stock: warehouses with an external stock capability for fulfillment services;
    • auctioning: warehouses with an auction capability for auction fulfillment services;
  • Has a GLN location code registered with Floricode with location details;
  • Has a specific set of delivery conditions;
  • Is owned by one warehouse organization;
  • Can support optional additional services (e.g. apply stickers, sleeves);
  • Can be a default warehouse for Catalog supply.

  • An organization can have one or more warehouses;
  • Only warehouses can be retrieved where the customer or supplier is authorised to ship to or ship from;
  • Delivery conditions apply to one or more warehouses;
  • Delivery conditions can apply to supplier or external stock warehouses provided by the warehouse;
  • One batch can only be on one warehouse at a given time;
  • A customer supply-line is related to additional services and delivery conditions by a warehouseID.

Implementation model

Interaction model