Creating contracts

Supported scenarios

  • Creating contract drafts
  • Editing contract drafts
  • Approving/Declining finalized contracts
  • Deleting contract approvals
  • Approve request for contract delete

Creating contract drafts

Creating contract drafts via the API in stead of using the online Floriday supplier portal.

NRProces stepsAPI call / scenario
1Adding a new contract draft to FloridayAddContract

Editing contract drafts

NRProces stepsAPI call / scenario
1Updating an existing contract draft based on id.EditContract

Approving and Declining finalized contracts

Responding to finalized contracts from suppliers.

NRProces stepsAPI call / scenario
1aSets the contract status to FINALIZED and offers the contract to the customer for approvalFinalizeContract
2aCustomer receives finalized contract and can either approve or decline contract.
1bSetst the state of the contract to Approved if already finalized by the customer.ApproveContract
2bCreates valid contract for placing BlanketOrders.
1cSetst the state of the contract to Declined if already finalized by the customer.DeclineContract
2cCustomer can either delete or adjust the declined contract as a draft.

Deleting contract approvals


  • Makes it possible to retract contract approvals from customers when the contract approvals are not yet accepted;
  • When contract is allready approved, it will request for a contract delete.

NRProces stepsAPI call / scenario
1Deletes contract if contract is not yet approved. Requests delete by customer if already approved.RequestDeleteContract

Approve request for contract delete

Approving contract delete requests created by customer.

NRProces stepsAPI call / scenario
1Approves contract delete request created by customer.ApproveDeleteContract