Customer stickers

Target audience

  • Customer organizations;
  • Supplier organizations;
  • Supplier warehouse organizations.


  • Floriday provides the possibility for suppliers to print stickers if requested by customers;
  • These stickers are provided by the customer in .pdf format with specific information and dimensions;
  • Stickers are part of additional services;
  • Stickers are chosen while placing a purchase order or a sales order.


  • Suppliers can indicate which stickers they support but due to missing validation on sticker formats, a customer can place orders with deviating sticker formats than which the supplier has indicated;
  • For best practices, a customer should acknowledge the given sticker formats and stick to those when placing a sales order;
  • Specific stickers can be mounted to specific additional services by the supplier, for example a different sticker for a specific sleeve, a specific trade item or a specific pot;
  • Provided meta data and .pdf file for the stickers can be changed by the customer, but only until the shipment has been settled by the supplier;
  • As a customer you cannot change the sticker after placing a sales order.
  • For Supplier ERP Delivery order and Fulfillment order events can be received by webhooks.

Workflow overview

  • Supplier sets up stickers as an additional service:
    • Name of sticker;
    • Description of sticker;
    • Dimensions of sticker;
    • Sticker types;
    • Cost per sticker;
    • Customer specific/regular;
  • Customer retrieves the additional services through the Customers API;
  • Customer places an order (Sales Order or Purchase Order) with the correct additional service of the sticker type;
  • Customer places a sticker on a sales order via the API;
  • PDF files are stored at salesOrder level;
  • Supplier receives an indication via a sync endpoint that new stickers are available;
  • Supplier requests the stickers PDF files;
    • Floriday saves the time and an indication that the PDF has been downloaded;
  • Supplier sends an indication that the stickers have been completed;
  • Customer retrieves the sticker update information via a sync endpoint.