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Purchase orders

Purchase order scenarios

  • Placing purchase orders
  • Cancelling purchase orders
  • Receiving purchase orders
  • Placing order requests

Placing purchase orders

Add direct sales purchase orders in Floriday trading agent.

NRProces stepsAPI call / scenario
1Creates a new purchase order.AddPurchaseOrder
2Floriday matches purchase order to available supply lines.
3 AWhen a 100% matching trade item and supply line is found Floriday will create a sales order.Sales order
3 BWhen any value in the purchase order does not 100% match with the found trade items and/or supply lines, Floriday will give an ActionRequired response.Response: Action required


Possible action required types

  • None = "None",
    • DifferentCarrierSetting = "DifferentCarrierSetting",
    • NotAvailable = "NotAvailable",
    • DifferentSupplier = "DifferentSupplier",
    • SupplyNotFound = "SupplyNotFound",
    • PriceDifference = "PriceDifference",
    • NotEnoughInStock = "NotEnoughInStock",
    • SupplyLineInvalidPeriod = "SupplyLineInvalidPeriod",
    • SupplyLineExpired = "SupplyLineExpired",
    • SupplyLineUnavailable = "SupplyLineUnavailable",
    • SupplyLineNotFound = "SupplyLineNotFound",
    • TradeItemCodeDifference = "TradeItemCodeDifference",
    • VbnProductCodeDifference = "VbnProductCodeDifference",
    • PackageDifference = "PackageDifference",
    • PotSizeDifference = "PotSizeDifference",
    • PiecesPerPackageDifference = "PiecesPerPackageDifference",
    • TradeItemNotFound = "TradeItemNotFound",
    • SalesOrderRejected = "SalesOrderRejected",
    • FailedToCreateSalesOrder = "FailedToCreateSalesOrder",
    • NumberOfPiecesInvalidForSalesUnit = "NumberOfPiecesInvalidForSalesUnit"

Cancelling purchase orders

Cancel direct sales purchase orders in Floriday trading agent.


  • Placed purchase order has not been transformed into a sales order;

NRProces stepsAPI call / scenario
1Deletes a purchase order if still possible.DeletePurchaseOrder

Receiving purchase orders

Receive direct sales purchase orders placed on Floriday trading agent.


  • Placed purchase order has not been transformed in a sales order

NRProces stepsAPI call / scenario
1Get the status of a specific purchase order.GetPurchaseOrderById
2Returns the maximum sequence number found in purchase orders.GetPurchaseOrdersMaxSequence
3Returns a list of a maximum of 1000 purchase orders starting from a specified sequencenumberGetPurchaseOrdersBySequenceNumber

Placing a purchase order request

Add direct sales purchase order request in Floriday trading agent. In stead of counting on Floriday for matching the purchase order the buyer relies only on confirmation of the supplier.

For the business rules concerning order requests, please read Order requests.



  • Supplier has to allow customer to place order requests;
  • Number of pieces must be more than 0;
  • Number of pieces has to equal to complete packages: (NumberOfPieces / PiecesPerPackage) = 1
  • LatestDeliveryDateTime must be in the future;
  • When including a SupplyLine, the TradeItemId in the supply line must correspond to the TradeItemId in the order request;
  • TradeItem supplierOrganization must correspond with the supplierOrganization in the order request;
  • Delivery.LocationGln must be known and active with Floricode standards. A company GLN is not sufficient;
  • When the order request cannot be matched, it will be sent to the supplier as an OrderRequest with the status PENDING;
  • When the order request can be matched with existing supply it will directly become a sales order.

NRProces stepsAPI call / scenario
1Creates a new purchase order as purchase order requestAddPurchaseOrderRequest