Trade item requests

Supported trade item requests scenarios

  • Receiving trade item requests
  • Accepting trade item requests
  • Rejecting trade item requests

For the business rules concerning supply requests, please read Trade item request.

Receiving trade item requests

Receiving trade item requests which are placed by buyers in order to accept or reject them.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1 AReturns a trade item request based on an ID.GetTradeItemRequestById
1 BReturns the maximum sequence number found in trade item requests.GetTradeItemRequestsMaxSequence
1 BReturns a list of max 1000 trade item requests starting from a specified sequence number.GetTradeItemRequestsBySequenceNumber

Accepting trade item requests

Accepting trade item request because the grower wants to add the requested trade item to Floriday.

Consists of multiple steps:

  • Making sure there is a matching trade item for the received trade item request by:
    • Create a new trade item;
    • Updating an existing trade item (by including the customer in a customer specific trade item for example);
  • Refer to the new trade item id while accepting the trade item request.


Validation for succesful accept

  • Request must have status PENDING;
  • Request cannot be EXPIRED;
  • Request must be sent to supplier;
  • Trade item must be in catalog of supplier;
  • Trade item must be visible for customer (customerspecific: FALSE or customer specific for that customer);
  • Trade item must not be hidden;
  • Requested packing configuration must be added to trade item.
NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1 AAdd trade item to Floriday with the specified characteristics from trade item request.AddTradeItem
1 BUpdating an existing trade item to match the criteria of the trade item request.EditTradeItem
3Accept trade item request, and include trade item id from added trade item.SetTradeItemRequestAccepted
4The trade item request receives the status "Accepted".

Rejecting trade item requests

Rejecting trade item request because grower does not want to add the requested trade item to Floriday.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Reject trade item request.SetTradeItemRequestRejected
2The trade item request receives the status "Rejected".