Business rules describe the operation, definitions and intended use of Floriday.


  • Business rules section describes the Business Rules, Target audience, brief overview, Implementation guidance, implementation models and Interaction models for Suppliers and Customers.
  • Target audience: Supplier organizations, Supplier warehouse organizations and Customer organizations.
  • Brief overview:
  • Implementation guidance:

UTC Time Notation

Times and dates stored in the Floriday databases are based on the UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time notation. This is to make sure that there is no misunderstanding about order and delivery times in Floriday.

  • User input from the online portal Floriday is converted from local time into UTC time;
  • The Floriday API's expect all submitted times and dates to be in UTC format;
  • Floriday only returns dates and times in UTC format via the API;
  • All times and dates shown to Floriday Portal users are converted from UTC to their local timezones.


Euro is the default currency.
USD is currently added on a small scale with a pilot 'International settlement'.