Supported organizations scenarios

  • Receiving organizations;
  • Receiving warehouses;
  • Receiving delivery conditions;
  • Receiving certificates.

For the business rules concerning organizations, please read Organizations.

Receiving organizations

Returns supplier organization information.


  • Requested suppliers are known in Floriday.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Returns organizations based on id.GetOrganizationById
2Returns organizations based on GLN.GetOrganizationByCompanyGln
3 AReturns the maximum sequence number found in organizations.GetOrganizationsMaxSequence
3 BReturns a list of max 1000 organizations starting from a specified sequence number.GetOrganizationsBySequenceNumber

Receiving warehouses, delivery conditions and certificates

Retrieve warehouse, delivery conditions and certificate information from specified suppliers.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Returns warehouses for the specified supplier.GetWarehousesOfSupplierById
2Returns delivery conditions for the specified supplier.GetDeliveryConditionSetOfSupplierById
3Returns certificates for the specified supplier.GetCertificatesOfSupplierById