Direct sales Bundled Offer

Target Audience;

  • Supplier organizations;


  • Enables creating, editing, and deleting of bundled offers by supplier organizations;


Bundled offers:


Only available on Floriday customer portal

Bundled offers can only be bought by customers via the online customer portal of Floriday in the shop of the grower.

  • Is a supply instrument for suppliers to create offers that consist of multiple trade items in one offer, which are sold together as one bundle offer item;
  • Can be created by suppliers via the online supplier portal of Floriday or with the API;
  • Can be made customer-specific for one or more customers;
  • Can be priced with or without included services;
  • Can be saved as a draft and modified later to “isDraft”: false to finalize the bundled offer;
  • Consist of multiple trade items with their own quantity and pricing;
  • A bundled offer as a whole is seen as a supply line. As such, the individual trade items that make up a bundled offer are not offered as supply lines.
  • Besides the various quantities per trade item, a multitude of the bundled offer can be set with its own quantity;
  • Availability is determined by the remaining quantity of bundled offers after placed sales orders;
    • Limited: Quantity is the maximum available quantity for the given period;
    • Limited: On this quantity, the ordered sales order quantity can never be more than the available quantity;
  • Pricing and quantities can be changed by editing the bundled offers.

Sales orders from Bundled offers:

  • Sales orders placed on Bundled offers are shown as seperate sales orders per trade item;
  • Sales orders from Bundled offers refer to the BundledOfferLine.
  • The seperate sales orders are connected by the salesOrderGroupId , visible when syncing sales orders.

Fulfillment orders

  • With the fulfillment orders, it is highly recommended to group the sales orders in the same load carrier configuration as the configuration set in the corresponding bundled offers.
  • Please note that customers can purchase a multitude of the same bundledOfferId , so simply grouping fulfillment orders based on this ID may result in a different load carrier configuration than the original offer.