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The Floriday API documentation describes how a software supplier may connect their software to the Floriday infrastructure. This connection can be used to connect external software to Floriday or building a native App within the Floriday platform. Both situations require access to the data of the users on Floriday.

Release Management Process

Every six months, a new update of the API is released. These updates are referred to as the Main version. A Main version is the current stable version that is available to all users and includes all tested and approved features from the beta version.

Before a new Main version is released, it is available as a Beta version. This version is for testing purposes and to gather feedback. It contains new features and improvements that are not yet finalized.

Once a new Main version is released, the previous Main version will become Deprecated. Deprecated versions are old versions that are being phased out.

  • The current Main version is 2024v1.
  • This version will be Deprecated after October 2024.
  • This version will be taken offline after April 2025.

Getting started

  • To get started, we recommend reading the General topics in the sidebar on the left. This page contains all the information you require to begin your implementation.
  • After the General Topics you can find the Implementation pages for Suppliers and Customers. These pages contain the Swagger docs for the API, the latest release notes and the implementation scenarios for the currently supported API version.
  • At the bottom of the side bar you can find the Business rules. The Business rules describe the operations, definitions and intended use of Floriday.
  • If you have any questions regarding the API documentation of Floriday, please contact our Implentation Specialists. You can reach them using the designated Slack channels or by DM in Slack.

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