Data retention

This page contains information on the data retention periods for the resources used in Floriday.


  • Transactional data is the basis for agreements and have to be stored for 5 years for legal purposes like disputes and claims.
  • Masterdata has a retention period of at least 5 years given its purpose for historical records.
  • The retention periods for Operational storage listed below are minimum retention periods. In practice, the actual retention period may be longer.
  • Operational storage data can be accessed via the Floriday API.
  • Cold storage data can only be accessed manually.
  • Storage costs money especially media storage, please take this into account when implementing the integration by e.g. reusing image URLs.
  • Data retention should be regarded as an indication, the retention periods can deviate and can be changed by Floriday. No rights can be derived from the given retention periods.
  • Implementation of data retention is in progress, communication will be done accordingly.
ResourceClassificationOperational storageCold StorageFrom
Trade itemSupply chain masterdata> 5 years> 5 yearsn.a.
OrganizationsSupply chain masterdata> 5 years> 5 yearsn.a.
Commercial servicesSupply chain masterdata> 5 years> 5 yearsn.a.
Custom packagesSupply chain masterdata> 5 years> 5 yearsn.a.
WarehousesSupply chain masterdata> 5 years> 5 yearsn.a.
MediaSupply chain masterdata

Additional information
In use >5 years

If not in use 'clean-up'
TBDnot in use
Base itemsSupply chain masterdata> 5 years> 5 yearsn.a.
ConnectionsTransaction data1 month5 yearsisDeleted
RequestsTransaction data1 year5 yearscreationDateTime
Supply linesTransaction data14 days5 yearsdeliveryPeriodEndDate
Additional servicesTransaction data1 year5 yearsisDeleted
Sales ordersTransaction data1 year5 yearslatestDeliveryDateTime
Purchase ordersTransaction data1 year5 yearslatestDeliveryDateTime
Blanket ordersTransaction data1 year5 yearslatestDeliveryDateTime
ContractsTransaction data1 year5 yearscontractEndDateTime
Delivery OrdersTransaction data1 year5 yearsisDeleted
Fulfilment OrdersTransaction data3 months logistic data
1 year transaction data for settlement
5 yearsdeliveryDateTime
BatchesAdditional information30 dayscreationDateTimeBatch
Customer stickersAdditional information30 dayslatestDeliveryDateTime
PlantpassportAdditional information3 years3 yearscreationDateTime
Delivery notes (PDF)Additional information7 daysdeliveryDateTime