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Corrections and updating Fulfillment Orders

Supported scenarios

  • Post corrections on fulfillment orders;
  • Receive corrections on fulfillment orders;
  • Update fulfillment orders;
  • Delete fulfillment orders.

Corrections on fulfillment orders


  • Correcting a placed fulfillment orders;
  • Receiving corrections on fulfillment orders and status.

Process steps:

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Post correction on fulfillment orderAddFulfillmentOrderCorrection
2Receive fulfillment order corrections based on IDGetFulfillmentOrderCorrectionsById

Updating and deleting fulfillment orders


  • Updating fulfillment orders;
  • Deleting fulfillment orders.

Process steps:

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Update fulfillment order based on ID.EditFulfillmentOrder
2Delete fulfillment order based on IDDeleteFulfillmentOrder