Customer stickers

Supported customer sticker scenarios

  • Receiving customer stickers in PDF;
  • Receiving customer sticker meta data;
  • Indicating which stickers are printed and placed.

For the business rules concerning stickers, please read Customer stickers.

Receiving customer sticker files

Receive customer sticker files in PDF format.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1 AReturns customer stickers in pdf format.GetCustomerStickerPdfByIds
1 BReturns the customer sticker in pdf format by ID.GetCustomerStickerPdfById


Important note when retrieving sticker data

A supplier may retrieve a sticker PDF with the GetCustomerStickerPdfById & GetCustomerStickerPdfByIds API Calls. When this happens, the lastRequestedOn property is updated on the customer side. This allows the customer to see when stickers have been requested by the supplier.

Even though the property is only updated on the customer side, a sequence bump on the supplier side is also triggered. Although this usually indicates an update, if you keep requesting the sticker data when this sequence bump is triggered, you will end up in an infinite loop.

This is why we recommend to only request the sticker data once when:

  • The supplier actually needs the sticker data or;
  • The sticker object is new / contains stickerFileInformation for the first time.

Receiving customer sticker data

Receive instructions and order references for the received customer stickers.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Returns the maximum sequence number found in customerStickers.GetCustomerStickersMaxSequence
2Returns a list of max 1000 customers starting from a specified sequence number.GetCustomerStickersBySequenceNumber

Receiving customer sticker files

Indicate to customer which stickers are printed and placed.

NRProcess stepAPI call / scenario
1Indicate which stickers are printed and placed.SetCustomerStickersIsHandled